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CANEVE: Our Traditional Line

The material of tradition in a modern shape. Discover a sound like no other. Power, harmonics, and stability.

The Brass Mouthpiece

It's not a CANEVE, if it isn't extraordinary.

For A and Bb clarinet.


Available for sale now.


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Traditional material, great mouthpiece

Inspired by the great French and American mouthpieces of the past, CARBEC created something special with its traditional CANEVE line.


A mouthpiece in 100% brass, inspired by the tradition, with extraordinary characteristics for the demanding clarinetist. Outstanding projection, brilliant timbre, great sound volume and a perfect and stable pitch in every circumstance. Medium tip, medium facing, with a feel closer to that of a more open mouthpiece due to the higher impact of the material compared to ebonite or hard rubber.

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High-precision CNC tech; CARBEC soul

While the material comes from the past, the production process uses tomorrow's technology. High-precision CNC machinery ensures an outstanding build quality.


In line with CARBEC's philosophy, the CANEVE traditional brass mouthpiece is built to last forever. The strength of brass and the quality and precision of the production ensure an extreme resistance to bending, warping, and wear and tear of any kind. In essence, complete stability through space and time.

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