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Carbec carbon fiber barrel

Our innovative barrel in unidirectional carbon fiber.


The best qualities of premium woods and carbon fiber. Combined.


Superior sound projection and volume, easiness of emission, improved intonation and

staccato, and a wonderful tone.

A small revolution. 


Available now in 3 sizes: 64mm, 65mm, 66mm

Fits French-bore A and Bb clarinets by Buffet (excluding E12), Selmer, Backun and Yamaha (excluding CSG)

A superb material for a superb barrel

In search for perfection CARBEC created a barrel made with an innovative unidirectional carbon fiber, where the fiber orientation achieves the aesthetic and technical qualities of premium woods.


The body, carved from this innovative material, is shaped in a pure, minimalistic, and elegant form that enhances the tonal qualities of the material. Traditional carbon fiber rings make the barrel even more beautiful and unique. And artists appreciate its sound quality worldwide.

Carbec carbon fiber barrel

"A material with superb qualities"

“With the CARBEC barrel I found the sound projection and volume I have been striving to obtain for a long time. The sound is rich and intense, homogeneous in all registers. And what really hooked me was the stability of intonation".


Angelica Pianegonda is a clarinettist and music educator, winner of numerous national and international music competitions. Clarinet teacher, she regularly works with important orchestras including the Orchestra of the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.



Angelica Pianegonda

Superior characteristics

The minimalistic shape was studied to create the most direct and perfect way to transmit the vibration created by the reed to the rest of the clarinet. Moreover, the innovative carbon fiber of the body, while giving the barrel its characteristic look, maintains all the positives of premium woods, including a warm, beautiful sound.


But, at the same time, all the qualities of carbon fiber are also present. Perfect and stable pitch (particularly in the left-hand notes), an extremely powerful sound when needed,  easiness of emission, improved staccato, as well as an incredible projection are what makes CARBEC exceptional in any setting. You won't go back to play anything else.


Carbec carbon fiber mouthpiece and barrel

The Barrel 64mm NewCondition 190.00
In Stock
The Barrel 65mm NewCondition 190.00
In Stock
The Barrel 66mm NewCondition 190.00
In Stock

*PROMO launch price: 190 Euro or USD 260 with free shipping towards Europe and the USA*

Our barrel for Bb and A clarinets, in the revolutionary unidirectional carbon fiber, combining the best qualities of premium woods with those of carbon fiber. Superior projection, stability, precision, sound volume and a wonderful timbre.

Fits French-bore A and Bb clarinets by Buffet, Selmer, Backun and Yamaha (excluding CSG).

Premium box included. 5 year warranty.

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