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Carbon fiber Mouthpiece for clarinet Carbec

The only mouthpiece for clarinet in pure carbon fiber.


Patented and design protected.


Superior sound projection, outstanding

durability, and a wonderful tone.

A true revolution. 

A revolution coming soon

The CARBEC Carbon Fiber mouthpiece is a revolution. It is made entirely of carbon fiber, with the same technologies used for the components of racing cars and was designed, engineered, perfected, and is manufactured in Italy. This is thanks to the collaboration of both artists and experts with decades of experience in carbon fiber production and engineering. And it is the first mouthpiece for a reed instrument made of pure carbon fiber (a CARBEC patent). This is not a low-quality, 3D-printed object with a small percentage of carbon fiber. It's pure innovation.


Outstanding durability

Wear and impact resistance are certainly important. But the mouthpiece should remain dimensionally stable, whatever the conditions of use. Carbon fiber is far superior to hard rubber and crystal for these aspects. Maximum attention and care were then placed to safety: rigorous analyses conducted at the industrial chemistry department of a leading Italian university confirm the absolute safety. That nasty flavour in a 6-month old hard rubber mouthpiece? Never again. The CARBEC mouthpiece is perfectly safe and virtually indestructible.

Carbon fiber mouthpiece for clarinet Carbec

But dimensional stability, durability, safety, and intonation are worth nothing without a sound that can excite the artist and the audience. Since the material is so innovative, we were worried. Then, we tried it...

Luxurious Sound

We had to overcome the weaknesses of something used for decades, and create a virtually unbreakable mouthpiece. But it had to have a beautiful sound, equally beautiful under the concert hall spotlights, as well as under the autumn rain, during open-air performances. But we needed a revolutionary material. We needed literally years of designing and engineering. We needed the same technologies used for racing cars production, combined with the know-how of someone who plays the clarinet every day. This is how CARBEC was born: a competition mouthpiece. Soon ready to race with you.

A musical work of art

To create an artwork nothing can be left to chance. For this reason, the opening have been studied and perfected with world-class artists. For this reason, we are musicians ourselves (see our profiles in "Who We Are"). For this reason, the production process combines science, technology, and craftsmanship. The result is a sound that's simply unique.


Ready to launch by 2023. The future awaits.

Carbon fiber mouthpiece for clarinet Carbec
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