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Revolutionary creations for clarinet

Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.


Johannes Brahms

Unidirectional carbon fiber: our barrels


CARBEC is 360-degree innovation: We create nothing ordinary. In collaboration with world-leading companies in the carbon fiber industry, we simply reinvented the barrel.


For the first time ever on a musical instrument, we worked with unidirectional carbon fiber and obtained a wooden-like appearance and resonance, with superior sound qualities and an exceptional resistance to temperature and humidity variations. A wonderful timbre, improved intonation and staccato, and easiness of emission with a big sound. A small revolution. Made in Italy.

 Carbec Carbon Fiber Barrel

The strongest mouthpiece in the world.

100% Titanium.


Outstanding projection, brilliant yet deep timbre, incredible sound volume, and a perfect and stable pitch in every circumstance.  And an eternal product.


An incredibly durable material, cutting-edge CNC machinery, superb manufacturing, and an exceptional sound. With CARBEC the future starts today.
Carbec carbon fiber mouthpiece

100% Brass with a CARBEC Soul


Inspired by the great French and American mouthpieces of the past, CARBEC created something special with its traditional CANEVE line.


Outstanding projection, brilliant timbre, great sound volume and a perfect and stable pitch in every circumstance.


​Thanks to the strength of the material and the most advanced CNC machinery, a CANEVE mouthpiece is forever.

Carbec carbon fiber mouthpiece

Crafted to perfection: a work of art


Years of study and concert experience in theatres form and overall improve a musician. But this also leads to better ear and body. And ebonite and crystal mouthpieces finally appear for what they are: mediocre objects in "plastic" or "glass". They are fragile, they can deform, and they are incredibly susceptible to the conditions in the hall or room. Some wear out in a few months, and what about that bitter, toxic-feeling taste in your mouth? The artist, as well as the public, are affected.


CARBEC was born for this reason: to reinvent an object, and make art a genuine pleasure. This is why revolutionary, high-performance materials are the core of our philosophy. It is not a CARBEC unless it's perfect.

Carbec carbon fiber mouthpiece

Much more in the making


CARBEC is all about creating new, exciting, technologic, innovative, and extremely high-performance products. Stay tuned - we're working on much more. And get in touch if you feel like asking more info, providing feedback on a product, or simply saying hello.

A story born from a genuine love for music


CARBEC is a new company founded in 2019 by two musician brothers - Antonio (bachelor's and master's degree in clarinet with honours at the Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto), and Alessandro (8th grade piano diploma at the Conservatory of Milan). Thanks to the experience in the concert halls of the founders, CARBEC was born with a strong desire to make the perfect clarinet mouthpieces and barrels. A genuine need for improvement, which led to the creation of the first and only pure carbon fiber mouthpiece in the world. A product with superior sound characteristics and a CARBEC patent. The barrel, on the other hand, is the first application to the musical industry of the unidirectional carbon fiber technology, which is an exceptional material combining the best qualities of premium woods and carbon fiber.


CARBEC today works with the precious inputs from internationally renowned clarinetists with decades of experience in theatres such as Alla Scala in Milan, La Fenice in Venice, and other important concert venues in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. The artists we collaborate with have worked under the direction of Myung Wung Chung, Riccardo Muti, and Claudio Abbado among others. 

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